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The Bracken School Readiness Assessment (BSRA)Test preparation ribbon

General Purpose of the Test: Screen readiness concept knowledge


"Basic concept knowledge is an integral part of a child’s cognitive development and provides the necessary fundamental framework for both a child’s academic success and for his/her overall communication development."  Harcourt Assessment - publisher of the Bracken School Readiness Assessment (BSRA)


In school systems like New York City, the Bracken School Readiness Assessment, along with the Otis Lennon School Abilities Test (OLSAT), is used to screen for access to gifted/talented programming and schools.


Age/Grade Levels


Resources available through Thinking To Learn® to build and improve skills:


Ages 3-4





Building Thinking Skills, Beginning

Building Thinking Skills, Primary and/or Hands on Thinking Skills

Mathematical Reasoning, Beginning

Mathematical Reasoning, Level A

Test Sections and Subtests:

  • colors

  • letters

  • numbers/counting

  • sizes

  • comparisons

  • shapes



  • Student must identify common colors by name

  • Students must identify upper-case and lower-case letters

  • Student must identify single- and double-digit numerals, and must count objects.

  • Student must demonstrate knowledge of words used to depict size (e.g. TALL, WIDE, etc.)

  • Student must match or differentiate objects based on a specific characteristic.

  • Student must identify basic shapes by name.




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